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iTwin support for Microstation light sources

We have a strong need for iTwin to support Microstation light sources. We are using this for line of site studies and need a way to display the sources in a web viewer.
3 days ago in Visualization 0 Needs review

Know the mass of a part

Knowing the mass of the part that we have drawn allows us to plan the handling means. Allows us to make calculations of the resistance of materials. Can also allow us to quickly calculate costs if we know the price per kilo. This information can ...
3 days ago in 3D Modeling 0 Needs review

Honor locked elements on reproject

When active file is reprojected add an option under "Reprojection settings" to not reproject locked elements or levels. For example some points could be locked as they are in target coordinate system and shouldn't be moved.
3 days ago in General 0 Needs review

Expand Reports to allow reporting on nested reference files

Currently you can create a report to show references and how many nest depth a file may have. However you cannot expand the report to show the paths of the nested reference files. I would like the reporting tools to allow a true look of the refere...
3 days ago in General 0 Needs review

convert 3D section hatch into 2D hatch for dwg export

When I create one layout in microstation, I can see the hatch from 3D section on generated draw. I Create the hatch from material and layer use. It would be very interesting if can export layout in dwg, mantained the 2D hatch on this file! Becaus...
9 days ago in 2D Drawing 0 Needs review

Add EPSG:10306 (Latvia LKS-2020) to Library of Coordinate Systems

Add EPSG:10306 (Revision date: 2023-03-01) to the Microstation 2024 library ASAP. EPSG:10306 replaces LKS-92 / Latvia TM (CRS code 3059) by year 2024.It is already available in ESRI products and QGIS.
3 days ago in General 0 Needs review

Links - Retain Connection Between Element Link and Explorer

Problem: User creates a Link in Explorer to a URL or other location. User then attaches the link to an element. Later on, the URL or link information changes. The user updates Explorer, but the link that has been attached to an element does not au...
4 days ago in  0 Needs review

Copy coordinate system from file to Library

Curently editing GCS library only allows to copy existing coordinate system and modify it. In case the DGN already contains custom coordinate system it is not possible to copy it to library (.DTY). This is needed for easier managing of custom coor...
7 days ago in 2D Drawing 0 Needs review

Support PDF/A-3 (OpenCities Map)

In the Czech Republic, new legislation for building permits comes into effect on 1 July 2024. Drawings in PDF/A-3 format are required for saving documentation in the Building Administration Portal. Currently OpenCities Map only supports PDF/A-1b. ...
15 days ago in General 0 Needs review

.obj to .3sm reality mesh converter

A tool to convert .obj to .3sm just as the point cloud attach tool does .las to .pod
10 days ago in  2 Needs review