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Add option to Smartline for 3-point arc

I would like the Smartline tool to have an option for a 3-point arc. Currently, the only arc possible is an arc by center. This is a limited option, requiring us to know the center point or radius beforehand. It would be very helpful to be able to...
6 days ago in 2D Drawing 0 Needs review

ESRI Geocodeserver

Add support for querying ESRI Geocode and reverse geocode server. For example place point on map by address or place address as text from coordinate.
about 3 hours ago in General 0 Needs review

Combined move/copy/rotate function

User wants to be able to move an object and emmidiately start rotating it after placing. This would save time in the part where you have to reselect and snap the object again. Similar for a copy command. Also a checkbox to turn the move tool into ...
9 days ago in 2D Drawing 0 Needs review

Place Note with Text Frame (Put it back...)

Put the option back on the Place Note dialog vs. creating a separate style for this! As a user of MS for almost 30 years... this wasn't necessary.
16 days ago in General 0 Needs review

Constraints: 2d Distance Alignment Options

Mstn's 2d Distance Constraint tool offers two Alignment options: True and Drawing. It would be great if the Drawing drop down option could be replaced by XY, XZ, YZ options. This would provide better control and remove uncertainty when generating ...
3 days ago in 3D Modeling 0 Needs review

Add additional grips to dimensions to allow for quick adjustment

I suggest adding additional grips to make modifying dimensions easier. Currently, you have to select the Modify Element command to adjust the dimensions. I suggest adding two grips to eliminate this step. There is one at the midpoint of the dimens...
8 days ago in 2D Drawing 1 Needs review

Create macro dialog box

The create Macro dialog box could be improved so it remembers your choice from the previous macro. For example the the flyout will always remain expanded and it will remember if you chose Bentley macro or VBA. It will also remember where you store...
6 days ago in General 0 Needs review

Level display shows combined colour, weight and style

The level display dialog has columns for colour, weight and style. Could we have a column that shows these combined? i.e. what the line would look like. That would give good visual feedback for the user, rather than having to read the level names...
7 days ago in General 0 Needs review

File open with option to select Model before loading.

When opening a file you are thrown into a Model as per saved settings in the file. But often you want another file. And you have to wait for the first Model to open, then open Models dialog and find your desired Model. I want the File Open to show...
16 days ago in General 1 Future consideration

CTRL+H key combination to replace text

CTRL+H is used to replace text in a plethora of software packages that have text in them. Like Word, Excel, even Notepad. Please add this into Microstation as well. Or allow users to add this to the interface.
28 days ago in General 1 Future consideration