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Automation using Visual Scripting

Visual Scripting is a feature that uses a graphical interface to lower the entry barriers for users to create their own automations and tools with or without the need to code. Current technology exists today in various forms such as Grasshopper, D...
6 days ago in General 2 Needs review

Reality mesh send to back

Need option to place reality mesh as background and ignore depth so all lines are on top of mesh. This is needed for digitizing meshes as when vector is on same plane it may become invisible and sink into mesh. There is option in iTwins web viewer...
about 11 hours ago in 3D Modeling 1 Needs review

Crop surface tool

Add option to trim/cut surface tool to actually cut surface/shape and not create two surfaces by cut. Similar as region tool allows in 2D to keep intersection between two shapes but in 3D. Also keep shape elements as shape and don't convert to fan...
about 14 hours ago in 3D Modeling 1 Needs review

Python as a MicroStation Development Language

Occasionally, someone asks about using Python as a development tool. However, there's no obvious way in which Python per se could be used. An IEEE survey shows that Python is the most popular computer programming language (search for The IEEE Spec...
14 days ago in General 0 Planned

Previous view command Limitation

In Microstation CE/2023 is limit for steps "Back" set to 20. Maybe that's enough for a small drawings. If we work with large project or use wheel on mouse for zooming, it's very little. Please give us the option to set the number of steps or remov...
26 days ago in  2 Needs review

Change text justification without text chaging its position.

At the current state of Microstation Connect changing several texts with different justifications to the one I use, or that my company requires me to use, results in the texts changing positions, and consecuently I need to reposition every single ...
17 days ago in 2D Drawing 2 Future consideration

EXPORT the Sheet index

Have the abilty to save or export the sheet index in order to share it with the rest of the team.
6 days ago in  0 Needs review

Capability -> DGN and DWG WorkModes

These are two new Capabilities, one for DWG WorkMode, One for DGN WorkMode, and both can be applied to ALL WorkModes. Capability is to upgrade the legacy file to the current build automatically when Saving or Saving Settings. The WorkMode can also...
4 days ago in General 0 Needs review

DGNLib - orphaned Fonts

Not sure how difficult it is to implement, but is there an easier way to remove orphaned fonts, or line styles from Design libraries? When I open a CAD file and I see a whole bunch of fonts loaded, but they are not on my system, I'd like a way to ...
4 days ago in General 0 Needs review

Offset Constraint to work with Associative Elements

No description provided
7 days ago in 2D Drawing 0 Needs review